12-year-old Sues Parents Over Fatal DWI Crash

austin DWI victim attorneyOne night in November of 2007, seven-year old Faith Carberry struggled to survive after a deadly car crash into an embankment. And in the driver’s seat? None other than Faith’s mother, who had been binge drinking and had blacked out while on the road.

Faith survived as well as her friend’s brother John Logan, but her six-year old sister Ava and nine-year old friend Michaela both died instantly. Faith suffered acute spinal injuries and was in a cast for 10 weeks. She also spent three months in therapy, traumatized over the death of her sister.

Faith’s mother, Mary Carberry, was a chronic alcoholic and at the time of the accident had been banned from driving after getting two DUIs.  According to the Irish news outlet RTÉ, Mary Carberry had been drinking all day—but took a break to pick the kids up from school. The four children were in the backseat when she blacked out and crashed.

“All I remember is the thump. Then the flashing blue lights,” she recounted to the judge. “I did not know what I hit. I remember Ava, I remember her face, I just don’t know what happened. I don’t remember arriving in the hospital.”

Mary Carberry spent four years in jail following the incident, but in October 2012 she found herself in court, this time facing her 12-year old daughter. Faith took her mother (and father, Tommy Varden) to court with the help of her grandfather, filing a lawsuit for physical and psychological damage. A settlement was reached in Faith’s favor.

All victims of DWI-related incidents deserve sympathy, but perhaps none more so than helpless children, who can’t necessarily escape this brand of dangerous behavior. The CDC reports that two thirds of children killed in car accidents were riding with drunk drivers.

As demonstrated in the sad case of Faith Carberry, drunk driving can result in the death and severe injury of loved ones. Those that choose to drive under the influence must be held accountable for their actions. The attorneys at Barry Law Group have the experience you need to receive the justice and compensation you deserve as a victim of a DWI accident.

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