Save Your Child’s Brain Through New Football Helmet Technology

Save Your Child's Brain Through New Football Helmet TechnologyIf you have children that play football, you take great pride in watching them develop their skills. Even though football and other contact sports are fun for kids to play, sports’ high impact can cause brain damage and concussions. But recently shared about a new helmet that will use advanced technology to better protect your child’s brain from injury.

Riddell has created a helmet that has a Riddell InSite Impact Response System. Through this technology, when a player is hit, a sensor located in the helmet liner analyzes the impact. If the impact falls outside of a certain range, the sensor issues a wireless alert which is received by the coach or staff. InSite allows coaches and medical personnel to view the data and decide whether a player can safely continue playing.

It also has a player management software which will record the players’ impact exposure over time. The helmet technology will be available for purchase this spring on the Riddell website. Riddell InSite will be used at the youth and high school level, but not in the National Football League.

These helmets could help save your child from developing brain conditions like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). A recent study performed on 85 former athletes and soldiers who sustained multiple mild head injuries over their lives found that they all developed CTE, which causes depression and erratic behavior. Because of worries about CTE, American youth and college football programs have tried to limit the number of hits to the head athletes experience in practice and games.

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