Self-Care Following a Burn Injury

Burn injuries afflict over 500,000 people a year in our country, according to the American Burn Association. Burns of varying degrees are caused regularly by contact with fire or flames, scalding liquids, hot surfaces, electricity and chemicals.

burn injury attorney austinSome injuries require emergency care while others can be treated entirely at home. Regardless of initial treatment, burn injury patients should have a plan in place for taking care of themselves in the weeks after the incident. The following are tips to help you on your road to recovery:

Wound & Bandage Care – The wound should be kept clean and dry. Gently cleanse the skin around the wound with mild soap at least once daily and dab with a clean towel until dry. Change the dressings according to your doctor’s instructions.

Sleep – Getting lots of sleep will allow your body more time to repair itself. It’s under stress and needs the extra rest. If sleeping for long periods of time is difficult, try taking cat naps throughout the day.

Diet – Replenish your body by drinking plenty of fluids, and eat small, nutritious meals throughout the day to speed the healing process.

Activity – Although you probably feel weak, it’s important to slowly increase physical activity during rehabilitation. Exercise will help your blood circulate and boost your overall health and mood.

Severe burns can and have devastated thousands of people. Consider joining an online support group, receiving counseling or pursuing cosmetic surgery to restore confidence.

Another party is sometimes responsible for a burn injury. If you believe you were the victim of a preventable injury, contact the experienced burn injury attorneys at Austin’s Barry Law Group. Do not discard evidence of the cause of the burn if possible, and call us as soon as you can to receive a free case review.

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