Top 5 Dangerous Intersections in Austin

austin bike accident attorneyFor the city of Austin, 2012 was a dismal year when it came to pedestrian and cyclist safety. “Dismal” might be too weak a word, though, since 2012 was in fact the deadliest year on record. Of the 77 traffic fatalities reported, 28 were pedestrians and 3 were bicyclists.

While collisions take place all over the city, some intersections are worse than others. In 2012 APD released a list of the most dangerous intersections in the city, calling on drivers, walkers and cyclists alike to take extra caution around each other.

The current top 5 most dangerous intersections:

1.      Congress & Caesar Chavez
2.      5th & Lavaca
3.      Lamar & St. Johns
4.      Congress & Woodward (Lightsey)
5.      East Riverside & Crossing Place

Police initiatives and public awareness have both increased, however, so perhaps change is coming. For example, 1,200 cyclists took to the streets in late November to rally against the spike in cyclist fatalities. The Please Be Kind to Cyclists group sponsored the ride, calling it “Pedaling for Safer Roads”, and led people in crying, “Enough is enough!”

Jessica Stevens, a cyclist and hit-and-run survivor, talked to a local news station saying, “I just want Austin to be as safe as it says it is. I want to see less accidents. I want to see more people riding for our health and for our safety.”

Will 2013 be any different on Austin roads? Within these first 15 days of January, 5 traffic deaths have been reported by APD, though none were pedestrians or cyclists.  Time will tell, however.

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